Kim Kash Rewards Program


We are very excited to introduce our KIM KASH© rewards program!

You have a chance to earn great prizes by being a great patient! Successful orthodontic treatment is a team effort, and it requires a lot of help and cooperation from you. To reward you, we have prizes that you can win on our KIM KASH© Wheel of Fortune.

KIM KASH© can be earned for keeping good oral hygiene and brushing well, keeping your appointments and being on time. KIM KASH© can be earned by wearing your appliances, such as your orthodontic elastics, headgear and not breaking any braces. You can also earn KIM KASH© by doing extra things, such as community service, getting good grades or improving your grades.

Once you earn 50 KIM KASH© dollars, you can redeem them for a chance to spin the Wheel of Fortune. The wheel has fun prizes, such as gift certificates, video games, movie tickets, iPods, and much more!

Give us a call to enroll today!


  1. KIM KASH© is only awarded at regularly scheduled appointments. Emergency or walk-in visits do not apply.
  2. The number of KIM KASH© bills you earn at each appointment is up to you.
  3. The prizes can change from time to time. Not all prizes will always be available.
  4. Your KIM KASH© is your responsibility. KIM KASH© bills are just like real money. If you lose them, like real money, they’re gone.
  5. Once you spend your KIM KASH© on a spin, they are spent. You must earn more KIM KASH© to earn more chance to spin the wheel.

How do you earn KIM KASH© ?


  • Keep Your Regularly Scheduled Appointment.
  • Arrive on Time for Your Appointment.
  • Good Oral Hygiene. Your teeth should be clean when you sit in the treatment chair.
  • Nothing Loose or Broken.No loose brackets, bands, appliances, etc.
  • Wear your Kim Orthodontics T-Shirt to Your Appointment.


  • Wear your Kim Orthodontics T-Shirt out. If Dr. Kim or his staff see you outside the office with your T-Shirt on at the movies, mall, sporting events, etc.
  • Show Us Your Report Card. Good grades – All A’s and B’s or Improved grades – raise your grades a full letter grade (ex. B to an A). 
  • Community Service or Charity Work. Write down service/work you did and show us during your appointment.
  • Leave us a Review on Yelp.
  • Leave us a Review on HealthGrades.


  • Visit your General or Pediatric Dentist for a Regular Check-up and Cleaning. Bring a note, signed receipt or referral form signed by your dentist.


  • Leave us a Review on Google for our:

       Granada Hills Office 

       Valencia Office 


  • Refer a Friend. They must give us your name at the time of their appointment!